Design & Construction

Historically, medium and high head micro hydro has had a very limited range of equipment available and often a scheme design would ‘make the available turbine fit the application’. Often this resulted in suboptimal scheme design. Our turbines are built specifically to suit the head and flow conditions of the site.  We construct our turbines using a wide range of runners of varying size pcd, with multiple jet arrangements where necessary.

Hydrover Turbine - Top View

Using modern multipole induction generators we have a direct drive solution that has no compromise in the design. Subsequently we can achieve the type of efficiency expected for much larger schemes.

Hydrover Turbine

We provide an integrated turbine/generator/penstock connection/turbine house/ tailrace design. Turbines are constructed in our workshop in south Wales. The turbine cases are constructed from laser cut 304 stainless steel. The runners use stainless buckets cast using 17-4 PH alloy, heat treated to the H1075 condition. Spear valves are fabricated from 304 SS (316 on request).

Hydrover - Spear Valve

Manifolds are fabricated from SCH20 carbon steel, shot blasted and galvanised before painting. Interconnecting pipes are HPPE with electrofusion couplings fused in situ.

Hydrover Manifold