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Hydrover Turbines started in micro hydro in 2003. Immediately we faced a problem in the lack of availability of good quality low cost turbines. Subsequently we had to build our own. Initially we used Gilkes cast bronze pelton runners but the limited range of sizes and low flow capacity meant that many applications would need belt drives and sub optimal designs. In 2006 we started using a modular turgo design that uses individually cast stainless turgo buckets.

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Our Turbine

Historically, medium and high head micro hydro has had a very limited range of equipment available and often a scheme design would ‘make the available turbine fit the application’. Often this resulted in sub-optimal scheme design. Our turbines are built specifically to suit the head and flow conditions of the site. We construct our turbines using a wide range of runners of varying size PCD, with multiple jet arrangements where necessary...

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Design & Consultancy

Hydrover can take your scheme out of the river and all the way up the wire. With our full service on offer you will have the convenience of working with only one contractor. The added bonus of Hydrover is that we are also designing and fabricating your turbine, we know exactly what to build and how to build it, and how long all aspects of the project will realistically take to complete. You can find out more about our design and consultancy services by following the link below...

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